Chemical Peels

The Safest Peel For a Renewed Look

Peels are very popular skin treatment solutions during the winter months because sun exposure is limited. This makes it the perfect time to focus on restoring your skin health. Chemical peels are known to be one of the best ways to assist in improving many different skin conditions such as sun damage, aging, acne, and others. It is important to remember that not all peels are created equal.

Deep peels are uncomfortable and painful, and often the result does not justify the traumatic experience. Deep peels are based on the destruction of skin cells and can potentially have serious side effects on skin health including Slow healing, Post inflammatory scarring, Hyper/ hypopigmentation, bacterial infections, and scarring. Developed by Dr. Des Fernandes, world-renowned Plastic Surgeon, Environ’s revolutionary Cool Peel Technology builds on the philosophy of light, gentle, repetitive peeling which aims to protect the integrity of the skin’s health. “For nearly 20 years I have insisted that there are major problems with the standard peeling systems used around the world. I learned the hard way that peeling can bite and that is why I modified my attitude to peeling.”- Dr. Des Fernandes

What makes Cool Peel Technology so revolutionary?

Environ’s Cool Peel Technology is the most intelligent, non-invasive system, scientifically proven to safely and effectively added in reviving, refining and brightening the appearance of skin with no downtime at all.

Cool Peel facials feel cool and comfortable on the skin. They are also fully customizable from very mild and gentle for first-time users to more advanced and intense. Expertly trained Environ Therapists can control this throughout the treatment to ensure optimal skin health.

What are your options?

 For break-out prone/ acne skin. Environ’s unique peel facials are cleverly designed to improve the appearance of red inflamed skin and assist to purify pores and loosen congestion. They are scientifically proven to refine the appearance of skin texture, leaving skin looking clearer, healthier, and smoother.

Discover more about the DEEP CLEANSING Cool PEEL and BLEMISH CONTROL Cool Peel facials here.

For aging,  sun-damaged skin, Environ’s  Cool Peel Facial options lightly peel away dead skin to help accelerate the skin’s natural process of producing new, healthier skin cells. These skin treatments effectively reduce the appearance of premature aging, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and sun-damaged skin, leaving skin looking more vibrant, radiant, and youthful. Discover more about the benefits of Environ’s YOUTH RENEW Cool Peel BRIGHT RECOVERY Coll Peel or the highly effective, concentrated, vitamin C infused VIBRANT-C Micro Peel.

  • Not all treatments may be available in your region due to global regulations
  • Experience the remarkable results of Environ’s Cool Peel Facials, the benchmark of beautiful skin. Book your facial like no other today.